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"I can't really pinpoint when I became aware of my spiritual gift, however, I know it was when I was a small child. I was always safe in the knowledge that I was being looked after by someone other than my family, and I now realise that the presence I could always feel around me was spirit. I always felt safe no matter what situation I was in or what I was doing.  There was always someone there looking after me, and I knew that this presence was female.


As I grew older I realised that my intuition was stronger than most.  I would know how a situation would pan out, I would know what was coming next and would know things about people that I had never been told and had no way of knowing.  I was always aware that my purpose in life was to bring peace and happiness to others but I wasn't quite sure how or when this would happen but I knew that at some point, it would.


At the age of 17, I became good friends with a girl, who's mother, was a spiritualist.  She gave me a 'reading' and told me that I had 'the gift'. I wasn't really sure of what to make of this and she invited me onto a development course where I learnt about spirit and how to develop my gift.  I began reading for strangers and the evidence spirit gave me blew my mind. One particular reading was so accurate and because I was young very frightening.  Due to that experience, I gave up reading people all together and tried to live a normal life.


My life was very materialistic, I was in the rat race, working in the city, in a great career earning good money, but all the while feeling empty with a deep-seated knowledge that I was on the wrong path. I continued to ignore my gift and the spiritual messages I received but looking back now, I realise they were all trying to guide me to where I am today.


More than a decade ago now, on my first ever holiday to Egypt, my spiritual senses became heightened and I had some amazing spiritual experiences that changed my life forever.  Upon my return, I asked a couple of my friends if I could read for them and was amazed at the accurate evidence that spirit gave me.  Since then I haven't looked back.  I am so grateful that I have been busy ever since through word of mouth and feel truly blessed that I have been chosen as a channel to pass on psychic messages as well as spiritual guidance."


To all the NHS heros, Carers and any other Key Workers working on the front line, thank you for your courage! Good luck from all of us here at Beyond the Clouds xx

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